Maratonul Făgetului 2013


In the last weekend of April 2013 Ideal Geiger Team joined more than 500 riders present at the start of Faget Marathon in Cluj. The competition was announced from the beginning as a fierce one, considering the important names from Romania and Hungary that completed the start list.

Considering it was the first major competition of the Romanian MTB calendar, the race has provided us with a snapshot of the current physical form with which we enter the season and the competitiveness of the main competitors.

 The start was an intense one, the first 13 kilometers being uphill. At the forefront of the race were installed from the beginning Hungarian riders Buruczki Szilard and Blazso Marton, followed by Tudy, Logigan Lucian and Arpad Kelemen, the three pursuers battling until the last kilometers.

 The route was a fast one, our new Ideal Race Pro Team 29 bikes feeling comfortable.

After the 72 km, four riders of our team were ranked in the top 10 overall, Tudor Oprea arriving 4th with a time of 3h:00′:23”, followed in 32 seconds by Lucian Logigan. Robert Kovacs finished in 7th place with a time of 3h:06′:37”.

 Ulisse Gheduzzi  won 1st place at +40 years category on the long track, with a time of 3h 13 ’32”, thus completing the top 10 arrivals, while on the short track, Sarosi Francis was victorious in the same age category.

 The team was also represented on 70 km track by Radu Tudor (13th place), Cristian Losonczi (17th place), Fabian Gandila (25th place). The 30 km track was also attended by Robert Cristian Sofronie (8th place) and Alexander bran (17th place).