Ștefan Constantin

Nationality: Birthday:
Română 21.11.1986
Bucharest 29
Height: Weight:
179 cm 64 kg


He started cycling in 2010 when he began competing in road amateurs contests. In 2011 he discovered the cyclocross and starting the summer of 2012 he joined Procycling Geiger Team.



2012  2011

 -1st place Turul Manastirilor

  -2nd place Prima Evadare(ciclocros)

  -106th place Comana Bike Fest

  -1st place Cupa Emmedue Sport(sosea)

  -3rd place Cupa Otopeni Mircea Romascanu

  -1st place Memorialul C-tin Vagneti

  -122nd place Turul Ciclist al Sibiului

  -10th Tusnad MTB Maraton

  -9th Red Bull Moontimebike

  -16  Arges Autumn Race

  -9th place Prima Evadare (cyclo-cross)

  -6th place Cupa Emmedue Sport (sosea)

  -3rd place Comana Bike Fest

  -6th place Valcea Bike Fest

  -1st place Cupa FRCT (cyclo-cross)

  -1st place Cupa Olimpia (cyclocross)

  -3rd place Campionatul National de Ciclocros

  -2nd place Arges Autumn Race (cyclo-cross)