Salcano Izmir MTB Cup

Last weekend we had the 4th race of this season, “Salcano Izmir MTB Cup” hosted by the Turkish city
of Izmir. The race which was class 1 in the UCI calendar attracted a significant number of riders, more than 80, from 14 countries.

Lucian Logigan and Tudor Oprea were there with only one goal – to take as many points as possible.

The course in Izmir was a nice and technical one with a pretty long lap for these days, 6.5km.

The riders had to complete 5 laps and a starting loop.

While Tudor and a very good start Lucian was caught in the chaotic traffic of the 1st lap and lost a lot of time. However he was able to recover and climbing up to the top 10, fighting in the last lap for the 7th place with the Hungarian champion.

Tudy lost some places in the second half of the race but still being able to stay inside the points (top 15). In the end Luci finished 8th and Tudy 12th, bringing home another valuable 20 UCI points.

Next week they will go to Novi Sad in Serbia for a 3 days stage race.