First victory at „Prima Evadare”

IMG_8800-bSunday, May 12, 2013, Ideal Geiger Team went to „Prima Evadare”, a XCP (point-to-point) competition held on the 58 kilometres through the forest and field roads near Bucharest.

Race promises to be a very fast one, without technical elements that we are familiar in MTB. However, due to the specificity and the intense media coverage of this competition we have increased focus and ambition to get notable results both individually and as a team.

After a good warm-up absolutely necessary in the shade of KENDA tents we aligned to the start and waiting referees’ countdown. We tried to stay together and avoid any unwanted events that are quite common in such competitions with high speed starts and numerous participants.

In the first half hour we managed to stay together in the first group, despite average speeds over 30 km / hour.

The climax happened about one kilometre before Ghica Palace, where Lucian Logigan capitalized the moment when the race leaders had a few seconds of respite and escape with no immediate reaction from rivals. A bold gesture from our teammate, who managed to ride alone in the 30 km remaining, securing 1st place on the list of more than 2,500 participants, with a lead of almost three minutes to the second place.


Spontaneity and physical training were the basis for obtaining this victory and  the results of the other team members that cannot be neglected, each causing small „battles” from the first kilometre  until crossing the Finish line.

„Ideal Geiger Team” appeared on the general final results list in the following positions:

1st Place – Lucian Logigan – Time: 01:51:45

4th Place – Tudor Oprea – Time: 01:54:59

5th Place – Cristian Losonczi – Time: 01:55:04

10th PLace – Robert Kovacs – Time: 01:55:53

12th Place – Fabian Gandila – Time: 01:56:01

17th Place – Tudor Radu and Ulisse Gheduzzi (tied) – Time: 01:59:12 (Ulisse Gheduzzi – 2nd place 40-49 years Men category)

28th Place –  Stefan Constantin – Time: 02:02:07 (1st place – 20-29 years Men category)

29th Place – Sebastian Luca – Time: 02:02:07 (2nd place – 20-29 years Men category)

30th Place – Francisc Sarosi – Time: 02:04:19

62nd Place – Robert Sofronie – Time: 02:11:54

64th Place – Mircea Radovici – Time: 02:11:56

300th Place – Giuseppe Paffoni – Time: 02:40:29

306th Place – Monica Serachitopol – Time: 02:41:26

Photo credits:,,,, David George