If Spring won’t come to us, we will go to Spring


pic 1…and that’s how, between 28.02 – 11.03.2013, our team enjoyed a warm training camp in Cyprus. The purpose of this „escape” was the accumulation of „flying hours” on the bike, taking advantage of the island’s friendly climate and varied landscape. Basically, in 40 km we had the opportunity to get from the Mediterranean coast to an altitude of over 1000 meters. Rocky ground helped us to improve our technique, especially the beautiful sections of single trail, while cornering roads, on which scarcely we saw a car, contributed to the accumulation of miles.

On the road, a challenge was „driving” on the left, a small detail that in some intersections we keep forgetting. On the off-road we understood that „snake bite” is a notion that can be applied also on the rider, not just on the tire. The lesson was taught by a viper around 2.2 (in tire size terms) that adjusted its body temperature in the middle of a forest road.

With a little cooperation of the Romanian Cycling Federation we could have 4 racing days at the Cyprus Sunshine Cup, two competitions with real chances for us to get UCI points. Unfortunately the refuse to issue our licenses forced us to follow the races from the sidelines and cheer up riders as Jaroslav Kulhavy and Emil Lindgren. On the other side we had the honour to have a training sesion with the Swedish Champion on Cypriot hills.

We returned home after 50 training hours, with a total ascent of 20.000 meters. Now, after this enjoyable experience, we are looking forward for the first races of the season and  the arrival of spring in our country.