April 26th – Sfendami / Greece

 On April 24th Ideal Geiger Team traveled to Greece for the 8th edition of “Sfendami Mountain Festival”. The event was proposing 2 races: Saturday an UCI Class 2 cross country and Sunday an open race of 43 km. 3 of our Elite riders where focusing on the UCI event to get as many points as possible.

 Friday afternoon riders could check the course for a few laps. The organizers worked a lot on some parts trying to combine the natural resources with artificial obstacles. The result was a challenging course, not very technical but pretty fast and demanding. Because there was some rain in the previous days on Friday one downhill section in the woods was still wet, while the rest of the course was dry and fast.

Unfortunately Friday night the rain started and did not stopped until 12 o’clock when the start of the race was programmed. This changed completely the situation. The soil of this area being very sticky organizers decided to reduce the distance of the race from 6 to 4 laps.

It was a very difficult race. Only about 50% of the course the riders could do on the bike, while the rest they had to run and push the bike. The ridable sections became more technical considering the very slippery surface.

Already in the 2nd lap a local rider made a breakaway. He was followed by Tudor Oprea and Lucian Logigan from Ideal Geiger Team together with the national champion of Serbia, Bojan Djurdjic and the national Champion of Cyprus, Marios Athanasiadis.

Tudor Oprea had a few crashes in the 2nd lap and lost lots of time dropping on 4th place, with Lucian on 5th. In the 3rd lap Tudy recovered and climbed to 3rd, chasing hard and closing the distance to 2nd position.

But was not enough time so after 1 hour and 43 minutes the Greek rider Dimitrios Antoniadis won the race, with Djurdjic on 2nd and Tudor Oprea on 3rd, 50 seconds down.

Lucian Logigan finished 5th accusing some cramps in the last lap and Attila Madaras was 7th getting also some UCI points. A total of 31 UCI points were accumulated by our athletes in this race.

Next international races for our team will the 2 stages of the World Cup in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) and Albstadt (Germany), where Lucian Logigan and Tudor Oprea will go. Until then our riders will compete in some national events, mostly for training.



SAMSUNG26 Aprilie – Sfendami / Grecia

În data de 26 aprilie componenții Ideal Geiger Team au plecat spre Grecia pentru a participa la cea de-a 8 – a ediție a “Sfendami Mountain Festival”. Evenimentul avea în program 2 curse: sâmbătă un cross country categoria C2 în cadrul calendarului UCI, iar duminică o competiție open de 43 de kilometri. 3 din riderii noștri Elite se concentrau la cursa UCI pentru a obține cât mai multe puncte.

Vineri sportivii au putut efectua câteva tururi pe traseul de concurs. Organizatorii au lucrat destul de mult pe unele zone ale traseului încercând să combine resursele naturale cu obstacole create artificial. Rezultatul a fost un traseu interesant si antrenant, nu foarte tehnic dar destul de rapid și solicitant. Datorită ploilor din zilele precedente vineri una din zonele de coborâre din pădure era încă udă, restul traseului fiind complet uscat. Continue reading